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African Sky Audio Art in Motion

What is Exciter Technology ?


Turn most solid Surfaces into Speakers

Unlike Conventional Speakers a Exciter can utilise a host of Surfaces and Turn them into High Quality Speakers

( Quality depends on choice and size of Material utilized).

A Exciter is capable of vibrating a attached Surface up to 20 000 times a second to Transfer the Sound.

You wont believe the Look on Peoples Faces when they step into a Room with Superior Sound in the absence of a single visible Speaker.

Home Theater Installation

So what is it that we are all about ?

For the Individual Audiophile we can assist in transforming any Room into a High End Cinema.

Now you may be thinking ok so what Distinguishes us from others.

1. You Design your Speaker 

by providing us with a Image wich we print on a High Quality Canvas

2. Low Profile 

These are without a Doubt the slimmest Audiophile Quality Speakers you can buy in the world

3. Weight

Most setups even the High End are less than 2 kg overall weight. 

For the Retail Industry

Here the options are limitless

We can build Custom Systems for Retail Shops ,Sound Stages , Conferences and many more thanks to the exceptional Sound Reproduction which usually exceeds most conventional Systems 

Please Contact our Sales Representative to Discuss a Solution to suit your Needs


It’s not just about the products you’re buying. It’s about the entire experience. Get in touch today to learn more about our features.

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